Thursday, 13 December 2012

Bhejane 2012 - A Goodyear

By: Jean Michau
So I started last year at a place called GVI where we tracked our focus animals and spent 6months straight in the bush. I have always loved the bush and my dream has been to be a field guide. So I found Bhejane and was fortunate enough to get the chance in coming here to study which I thank Dylan and Christa a lot for. 
We started our year with FGASA level 1 which was amazing. Got to spend time at some amazing places. Was extremely happy that I passed Level 1 and that I got to carry on to what I was looking forward to most which was Trails. 
So after the Level 1 we started with our Back-up Trails which didn’t disappoint. Got to walk in on some amazing animals and experience some amazing things like being charged by an Elephant from about 30m away which was amazing. The adrenaline which was pumping through me was absolutely incredible and it was amazing and incredibly intimidating, but was amazing. We also got extremely close to a White Rhino and her calve where they were walking down the game path and we were just off the path and they walked about 5m passed us without even knowing we were there which was another crazy experience. 
After Trails we had our Marine level 1, the highlight for me was the diving. I absolutely love diving and to me it is complete different world down there and its always amazing. Got to see some amazing things like Green Turtles, Leopard Shark, Grey Shark, Sting rays and some amazing looking fish. Always amazing things down there and there is never a boring dive. Now we’ve been busy doing conservation and reserve management which I have really enjoyed. It really interesting learning how everything works and how we can make a difference. Its hard work but it will all pay off in the end when we are qualified to do certain things that other people don’t have a clue about. I have really enjoyed my whole year at Bhejane so far and I can only thank all the instructors for teaching us all they know and being so passionate in teaching and in what they love. And then a big thanks to the kitchen ladies for the amazing food and Tannie Lettie for organising the food, Oom Pine and Peter for the maintenance and Monica for the interesting lectures on ourselves and psychology. It has helped a lot to keep me sane which I appreciate. Thank you Dylan and Crista for the opportunity to come, it has been amazing and I can’t wait for next year.   

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