Tuesday 29 January 2013

2012 Bhejane Public Photo Competition

At the end of 2012 we announced the start of the photo competition and today, we have the results for you! Public photos were sent into the Public Photo competition and the Bhejane students had a separate competition running. It was awsome to have such a nice response to the competition and photos came in from near and far! Below are the categories entries could be submitted into:

Public Competition Categories:
  • Wildlife
  • Birds
  • Landscapes
  • Marine
  • People and Nature
  • The Smaller Things
Photos were chosen by the amount of 'likes' they received on Facebook  by the public over a period of 2 months and contestants could get there friends and family to go to the Bhejane Nature Training Facebook page and to like their photos. Below are the category winners:

"I wanted to be seen... " by Calvin Kotze

Calvins Image Description:
"I believe that this photo shows us what a leopard is really about, they say you will only see a leopard if it wants to be seen, and i can fully agree with that, i love this photo because its not your "typical" leopard in a tree, or a leopard out in the open..

Photo by: Isolde Schoombie 

Isoldes' Image Description: 
"This was taken at bhejane, during my level 1 training in Mkuze game reserve. It is a pygmy kingfisher. "

Photo by: Matthew Grace

Matthews' Image Description: 
"This image was captured at sunset on Lower Sabie Bridge Kruger National Park... I sat in anticipation for the Hippo to come out of the water with the sunset streak nearby... It didn’t really matter which Hippo came out but this one happened to make it perfect..."

Photo by: Calvin Kotze

Calvins' Image Description:
"This picture was taken while i was studying with Bhejane. It was taken at Cape Vidal"

People and Nature
"Hope"-  by Calvin Kotze

Calvins' Image Description:
"This photo was taken while studying at Bhejane at one of the local villages we used to visit from time to time..."

The Smaller Things 
"The Start of Life"- by Calvin Kotze

Calvins' Image Description: 
"This has got to be one of my proudest photos, after spending almost 40min and taking
over 600 shots, i eventually captured a shot that spoke to me...
This is a photo of a baby (tadpole) Eastern Olive Toad... I wont give away exactly how it
was taken but yea, this was the result..."

Im sure you would agree that these are some awsome pictures! The overall winner of the public photo competition, with a total of 63 votes is Calvin Kotze's - "I wanted to be seen". Congratulations Calvin and thank you for your participation! We will be sending you your Bhejane Nature Training hamper and keep up the good work!!
"I wanted to be seen" by Calvin Kotze