Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Public Bhejane Photo Competition

Through popular demand, we have decided to have one more competition for you our loyal followers!

As you've seen the Bhejane photo competition is well on its way with entries coming in very quickly now. We invite you to enter your photos today!

Competition Details

  • An album will be created on the Bhejane page named, 'Public Competition,' where your photo's will be uploaded.
  • Email your photo entries to
  • In the email write a description for your photo with your name and surname, camera used to take the picture and if shot with DSLR, give us the settings and lenses you may have used. 
  • You can also tell us where you took this picture and when!
  • Winners will be decided by the amount of 'likes' they get on Facebook, so share your pictures that are posted and tell friends and family to go view and 'like' your picture. 
  • As well as  the amount of 'likes' you will also be judged on overall photo composition and equipment used will also be taken into account!
  • Prizes will be announced soon!!
  • Send your pictures in and stipulate under which category you are entering. Your category's are as follows:
  1. Wildlife
  2. Birds
  3. Landscapes
  4. Marine
  5. People and Nature
  6. The smaller things
We look forward to seeing your pictures!!! Good luck!
'Spitzkoppe' in Namibia

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