Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Bhejane Competitions

As we draw closer to the end of the year, we've decided to have a Bhejane Photographic competition. Students are exposed daily to some amazing scenes and wildlife interactions and able of getting some very nice shots!

There are different categories under two main headings. Students can submit maximum of 5 photos per category. The headings  and categories are as follows:

·      DSLR Cameras
1.    Birds
2.    Wildlife
3.    Landscapes
4.    Marine
5.    Bhejane Life
6.    The smaller things (Insects, Frogs, ect.)

·      Mik en Drik’ (for non- DSLR Cameras)
1.   Birds
2.   Wildlife
3.   Landscapes
4.   Marine
5.   Bhejane Life
6.   The smaller things (Insects, Frogs, ect.)

Photos will be uploaded to Facebook and winners will be decided by the amount of 'likes' the pictures then receive. The top voted pictures will then be processed and winners for each category will be announced. Out of the category winners, one over- all winner will then be decided. So its up to you to make sure the best pictures get voted through!! Tell friends and family to go on facebook and like the pictures in the different album category's.

Writing Competition 
 Along with the photographic competition we have decided to invite students to submit some stories for experiences in the field as well. Stories will be placed on our blog and shared on Facebook, and will be judged by the amount of likes they receive on these social networks! Where they are able, pictures and videos will be added. 

Prizes for winners will be announced soon! So go ahead and place your votes today!!!


Follow our Facebook page for more infield updates and pictures! The competition entries will be on facebook for you to browse and vote!

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