Sunday, 17 July 2016

Industry newsIndaba 2016

by Amy Upton (Bhejane Nsele)

INDABA kicked off with an early morning start at 8 am where all embodiment's of the industry game together under a few roofs; with exhibitors from 18 countries all over Southern Africa.

It is the place to be for those who want to make a difference. 

 Why is Inaba worthwhile and relevant?

It is worth while because it creates a warm and welcoming environment in which business relations can begin to grow its roots with meaningful interactions with people from all over Africa.

Derek Hanekom said “INDABA gives us a sense of belonging. It is where we can come together to share knowledge and create partnerships” which is extremely true. INDABA shows you what is out there in the big bad world; it also shows you the reality of the industry as well as the endless possibilities to work in making it all worthwhile.

Although INDABA was busy and there was talk of meetings left, right and centre. The people of INDABA always had a smile on their face and a welcoming hand shake ready to hear what you had to say. This is one memory I will take away from INDABA is that these are ‘my people’ and they want to hear about who I am and what I do because there is always the opportunity for me to make their company better; and the thought of that makes myself and I am positive makes many other people feel significant in such a huge industry.

INDABA was incredible and eye opening and definitely a good way to be introduced into the industry and is definitely an event that must be attended. Thank you Bhejane Nature Training for the opportunity.

“Look deep into Nature, and then you will understand everything better”- Albert Einstein

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